Sunjay Kapur


Meet Sunjay Kapur

Excellence is not an ingrained virtue; it has to be inculcated.

Sunjay started his journey in the corporate world with this belief.

Sunjay Kapur is the Chairman of Sona Group. It is a renowned automobile component manufacturing business. Forever seeking the road less travelled, his vision, and his ambition to excel have amalgamated onto a path of success. His work and ethics drive Sona Group towards grander aspirations.

His motivation stems from innovation and the drive to outperform. But his philanthropic and corporate social responsibility initiatives truly make him stand out in the crowd. His desire to positively engage with the entrepreneurial environment in this country has led to his association with Masterpreneur, a show, on CNBC Awaaz, in search of India’s next big business mind.

Master of the game, besides being a business magnate and a philanthropist, Sunjay is also an avid sportsman with a passion for the regal equestrian sport of Polo. Competitive and chivalrous, Sunjay’s dynamism on the pitch translates into his pursuits off the pitch as well.

When he isn’t storming the boardroom or striving to win the next chukker, Sunjay likes to read, travel and spend time with his close friends and family.

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