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Sunjay completed his high school education from the prestigious Doon School.

Sunjay attended a short course at the Indian School of Business – University of Pennsylvania (Wharton). It was focused on “Growth in the Family Enterprise.” To further hone his skills and expand his knowledge, in 2006, he attended a program on “The Birthing of Giants” at MIT, USA. In 2013, Sunjay successfully completed the “Owner President Management” program at Harvard Business School. He is now a Harvard Business School alumni.


At the age of 14, Sunjay interned at the famed Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) in Munich, Germany. This first experience in the auto industry lasted a month, and he learnt the concept of an assembly line and the value of teamwork.
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At age 19, he worked at a summer job at TRW Koyo, Vonore, Tennessee (USA)
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By age 24, Sunjay became the HR Manager at the Sona Koyo Steering Group, a job that granted him deep insight into the value of human capital and labour relations. He also learnt the Kan-Ban system and the value of procuring the best materials online and delivering solutions to clientele in real time.
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Gearing up for the 21st century, Sunjay set up 3S solutions (i.e. Sona e-design) and began design/engineering. While he worked closely with Genpact, he gained knowledge to tap the potential of growth through outsourcing.
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Sunjay rose through the ranks to become the Managing Director of Sona Sonic Lemforder Co. He immediately introduced a rigorous quality system. The system focused on flexible changes to optimise greater quality with a broader stress on greater localization.
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As the global Chairman of Entrepreneur Org., he built his knowledge base and engaged in voluntary leadership work. He conceptualised a vision. It promoted the thought process stating, “Entrepreneurship works with a single goal in mind, gains leadership experience, and works in conjunction with society to affect true and lasting change.”
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As Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Sona Koyo Steering Systems Ltd. (SKSSL), he put his learning to use in the field of Human Capital Enrichment. He aimed to effect positive employee appraisals and make further, wider reaching changes to encourage growth in his company.
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Appointed as the Chairman of the supervisory board of Sona BLW Precision Forging Limited.
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Sunjay became a member of the executive committee of Automotive Component Manufacturers Association (ACMA). Sunjay was also initiated as a member of the Northern Region Council of Confederation of Indian Industries (CII).
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